Ashtray, U.S.A.​

Welcome to Ashtray, U.S.A.

​My name is Jack Swersie. 

     I’ve always been amazed at smokers’ practice of tossing their cigarette butts on the sidewalk or out of car windows and I felt compelled to make a statement about it.

     I spent two months walking the streets of downtown Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains collecting discarded butts and ended up with 2800 of them. With these butts, I have built a 38” x 24” diorama featuring the fictitious city of Ashtray, USA. 

     My plan is to reveal my cityscape at one of the art galleries participating in the Pocono Arts Council’s “The Earth Speaks” exhibition in April, 2016. In the meantime, I've produced a series of posters using photos of Ashtray, USA. 


     A short video of my diorama is on YouTube.

     There's also an article in the 
Pocono Record.

     And a feature story on 

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Each Year An estimated 4.5 TRILLION cigarette butts are improperly discarded worldwide, making them the single most littered items on planet Earth!

​​​'Pigarette' is the newest addition to Ashtray, USA.

1862 cigarette!

​Posters of "Pigarette" are also available in my Etsy Store.

​​​​One of my newest Ashtray, USA projects is

"Don't be a Butthead! DON'T LITTER"

This sculpture is a recycled-glass mannequin head filled with 1355 cigarette butts picked off the streets of the beautiful Pocono Mountains.

Posters of "Butthead" are also available in my Etsy Store.